John Springer (b. 1990, Georgia) is a painter from the Southeast U.S. with a B.S. in Natural Resources from Sewanee: the University of the South. His career began in outdoor education based out of the Rocky Mountain West. Over time his recreational painting and drawing has become his main focus. 

Traveling all over the United States as well as internationally, John paints both the iconic and places of personal significance. He has shown work in Wyoming, Colorado, Georgia and North Carolina. John’s home base is Jackson Hole, Wyoming where he spends his time exploring the landscape and creating art.   

Artist Statement 

Through en-plein-air painting and drawing, I explore place identity and the personal experience associated with the subject matter. I utilize color experimentation and suggestive lineation to accentuate the motion of the space and the sensations produced within my present environment. 

A recent body of work, Painting Tour de France, is a collection of paintings and drawings emulating the individual style of several Post-Impressionists. While in France, I painted the scenes these artists painted with the intention of experiencing the same sensations they may have had long ago.

The Carolinas from Appalachia to the Atlantic is a present-day juxtaposition to the historical scenes of Painting Tour de France. This comparison of the past to the present is an attempt to continue the legacy of the Post-Impressionists using their inherited teachings and methods.

I strive to initiate the viewer’s imagination with a loose and unclosed style that is relatable yet personalized to my own experience.